Biophilia Residency 2019 | Canada

This is a first blog post prior to the start of the Biophilia artist residency in Canada. I just arrived in Ottawa and I am looking forward to a visit to the National Gallery tomorrow morning as well as meeting the other participants and organizers of this residency.

Travel from Iowa via Detroit to Ottawa was easy and uncomplicated. I will spend the next 7 days in Gatineau, exploring wildlife, visiting biology labs, and participating in some exciting expeditions - including tracking bats with self-made bat detectors 🦇 and foraging for mushrooms 🍄 (and to make my wonderful colleagues and team members from the CRI at William Penn University happy, I might as well throw in some 3D scanning of various things)

From tomorrow on I will post a daily summary of our activities and some photos to share my experience.

if you are interested in learning more about the residency program check out