BOSTON GLOBE Review of AERA SYNTHETICA. Surveying New Nature - a Markus Haala Project | "Provocative exhibit asks what ‘nature’ really means" by Cate McQuaid | April 04, 2017

Haala’s own works unsettlingly mingle the natural and the synthetic ... “Synthetic Landscape #1 (Carbon Footprint)” ... is a truly contemporary landscape, an environment more familiar to many than forests. Water will cycle through Haala’s “Habitat Pod,” a terrarium of weeds inside a Fiberglas shell, until it runs out, and the plants will die ... Even our well-intentioned interventions, this piece suggests, might be Frankensteinian blunders.

BOSTON GLOBE Review of WALDEN: WINDOW & MIRROR | "Going beyond a very famous pond" by Cate McQuaid | April 27, 2017

Alex MacLean’s aerial photographs of mining and farming ... strike a harmony with Markus Haala’s rust-covered sculpture “Halde,” a Richard Serra-style behemoth of steel plates propped against one another, which references mining operations near the artist’s childhood home in Germany. Together, they reflect on humanity’s habit of wrenching what it needs from the earth.

HAVERHILL GAZETTE Announcement of URBAN JAZZ | "In the eye of the beholder" by Mike LaBella | January 26, 2017